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March 2010

Shooting at The Ohio State University underscores need for background checks

As more workers lose their jobs, workplace violence has been on the rise again.  In the most recent incident, on March 9, 2010 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Nathaniel Brown, a worker who was being let go after poor performance came in with 2 handguns and shot and killed his immediate supervisor and injured a co-worker.  He then turned the gun on himself.

What is more shocking was finding out that the University had conducted a background check when Mr. Brown was hired. The background check came back clear, despite the fact that the suspect had spent five years in prison for a violent felony.

There is some question about whether he gave a false date of birth when he applied for the job highlighting the importance of obtaining and verifying all applicant information, including addresses and dates of birth.  In addition, this shows how using self-service database checks can lead to problems.  If a wrong date of birth is input, most online databases will return a no hit, if it does not get an exact match.  When a trained analyst is conducting the same search, they will use broad parameters to bring back and then sort through any possible hits that are close to the applicant.

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Missing Background Checks?

In the fast paced world of recruiting and hiring employees, it is easy to miss a step sometimes.  We frequently find that our customers who conduct audits of their employee files locate a small number of employees that missed having a background check performed.  Whatever the reason, this can expose your company to huge liabilities.  The Roll Call Service from True Hire, as outlined below, is your solution to this common problem:

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No more absent background checks.

Simply forward us your current employee roster, including name and Social Security Number. True Hire will check your report against the background checks that we have conducted for you and let you know if any of your current employees have not had a background check completed. We can then run the uncompleted background checks to ensure that everyone is in compliance.

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