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In connection with my service at the above named organization or church I hereby authorize True Hire to procure a local and/or national background check on me. I understand the background check will contain record of any criminal conviction and/or criminal file maintained on me whether local, state, or national. This report may include information pertaining to my character, education, work history, motor vehicle records, and criminal information contained within any government agency, Federal, State, or Local.
I hereby release True Hire and the above named organization or church of any and all claims and liability resulting from such disclosures. I hereby authorize all law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, companies and other individuals to release all information they may have about me to True Hire and the above named organization or church or its agents, and do forever release them from any liability or responsibility for doing so to the fullest extent allowed by law from any claims arising from the requested information.
I recognize and agree that a copy or facsimile or electronic version of this document shall be as valid as the original. I recognize and agree that this release shall be valid for this and any future update reports requested. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I am entitled to know if I am denied based on information contained in this report, and to receive, upon written request, a disclosure of the public record information as well as the nature and scope of the investigative report.


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